Founded in 1994, Arian Milan has been incorporated in Iran as a dry processor, packer and exporter of Iranian pistachios.  Since conception two pillars of our activities has been building long-term relationship with selected clients and spending time and efforts on research and development of product lines that would help in sustaining that cherished relationship.

Accordingly since mid nineties we established a processing plant engaging in a dynamic processing line consisting of quality control and sorting facilities.  After many years of R&D this resulted in introduction of two new product lines, MMO (modified mechanically opened) pistachios and DARP (diminished Aflatoxin risk pistachios)

Since late nineties with the increasing importance of health related issues in Europe concerning Aflatoxin contamination in food products and specifically pistachios, Arian Milan put in place an extra emphasis in overcoming this old established concern.  This emphasis finally bore fruit and in 2006 Arian Milan achieved the commercial production of pistachios with low contamination risk in industrial scale.  As a result of successful implementation of this project in 2008 Mr. Mehdi Agah, a long-standing pioneer of Iranian pistachio industry joined the company and became a partner and Chairman of Arian Milan.

Today, after successful commercialization of these new product lines, Arian Milan is in a unique position to offer interested customers long-term trade cooperation with clearance guarantee at mutual agreed control regimes.

Brief chronology of Arian Milan’s activities:
Arian Milan was incorporated in Tehran
Establishment of first production plant in a 400sqm warehouse
1st time export to Kuwait
Establishment of first production plant in a 400sqm warehouse
Becoming the 1st direct exporter of pistachios to Russia on permanent basis
Addition of roasting and luxurious packing as services
Moving to new production plant and storage facilities of 1800sqm.
Expansion of export market to Baltic countries
Establishing in-house lab and Quality Control department
Expansion of export market to Western Europe, Latin America and Canada
Establishment of R&D department
Establishment of 1st officially certified in-house Mycotoxin lab in Iranian private sector
Suspension of trade with Europe and commencement of research on reduction of Aflatoxin in pistachios
Increasing export to Russia, CIS countries and Turkey
Construction of new hall for roasting
Adding Vacuum packing service
Restarting few trial exports based on knowhow developed during 1996-1999 period, without satisfactory results
Start of new research program on reduction of Aflatoxin in pistachios (1999-2007)
Export destination reaches 15 countries
Initiating and successfully implementing the design and construction of mechanized sorting machinery to separate semi-open nuts from open-shell nuts
Start of research on MMO project
Successful implementation of MMO project in Lab & semi-industrial scale
Introduction of MMOs as a commercialized product line
Establishing new purchase centers in Kerman and Khorasan provinces
Starting construction of new facility (6800 sqm under roof) in Tehran suburb
Developing new orchards in Qom province
Revolutionary change in company’s paradigm by entering HACCP into company
Primary success of Aflatoxin reduction project in laboratory scales
Awarded the “Best National Exporter of The Year” by President Khatami of Iran
Closure of in-house Mycotoxin lab and out-sourcing final toxin sampling and all of mycotoxin tests to Marja’an Khatam Labs
Full success of Aflatoxin reduction project in laboratory scales
Developing farming sector
Full success of Aflatoxin project in semi-industrial scales.
Construction of 1st DARP production line.
Commencement of DARP product line for export of pistachios to EU (No single shipment of this product line has been rejected entry into Europe until today)
Managing Director elected as member of board of Iran Pistachio Association
Mr. Mehdi Agah joins the company as a shareholder and assumes the Chairmanship
Company’s export to Europe expanded considerably
Expansion of DARP production capacity
List of export destinations reaches 25 countries
A member of board elected by business community as Chairman of “National Agriculture Commission” of Iran Chamber of Commerce, highest chair of Agriculture in national-wide private sector assembly
Commercial success of MMOs in Europe
Establishing Kerman’s central purchase office
Expansion of DARP production lines
Program to match ISO 22000 requirements
Launching microbiological monitoring of commercial lots
Updating procedures and knowledge on microbiological concerns
Initiating a new health paradigm and policy aiming to quality challenges of next decade


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