In addition to our commercial offices in Tehran and Kerman we work through affiliated processing plants in pistachio growing areas as to enable us direct access to growers in different production centers.

We specifically collaborate with the following processing plants:

Agah Processing plant, Rafsanjan, Kerman Province
( 30°25'8.10"N - 55°56'30.67"E )
Honary Processing plant, Zangi Abad, Kerman Province
( 30°25'1.95"N - 56°54'37.84"E )
Shahriari Processing plant, Sa’adi, Kerman Province
( 30°13'1.09"N - 56°43'27.41"E
Besides, Arian Milan uses its in-house facility in Tehran suburb for storage, roasting-packing and dry processing of special product lines such as DARP and MMO pistachios.



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