Members of our team are engaged in growing pistachios as well as processing and trading.  Geographically our member’s orchards are dispersed in different regions, giving us the benefit of having a stable production stream in on and off years and in case of spring frost damage.
Some of these orchards were established by pioneers of commercial farming of pistachios dating back to late 19th century.  They also include trees visited in the 1920s by Dr. Whitehouse, pioneer American researcher, on his Asian trip.  The majority of these orchards are located in:

Kerman Province (30°27'50.39"N -  55°45'9.35"E)
Kerman Province (28°21'10.17"N -  56°53'39.94"E)
Fars Province (29° 8'51.57"N -  54°42'10.68"E)
Qom Province (34°38'45.90"N -  50°52'48.35"E)



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